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Youthreach: Second Chance or Every Chance Education?

Ask 10 people: “What is Youthreach” and you might find that you get 10 different answers.

The day you gave me a chance to complete my Leaving Certificate, was the day my life changed. I thought nobody cared, and that I wasn’t worthy of another chance.

This quote is one we hear often from young people walking through the doors of Youthreach.

We decided to get the views of our National Committee and we set them a challenge. Sum up Youthreach in 140 characters – so in a tweet!

Within Youthreach we have the potential to change young lives for the better by using the power of education. – Sinead Murphy

Every learner is important to us. Every learner is unique. – Alan Larkin

In Youthreach we bring out the very best in our students through education and skill-based learning.  – Josephine Dempsey

Youthreach strives to help young people reach their full education potential and be the best version of themselves that they can be.  – Sandra Buchanan

In Youthreach, young people grow in self-confidence and build resilience – empowering them to take control of their futures. – Liam Keane

Our agenda is to provide a safe and supportive environment where all learners can be empowered to grow personally and academically. – Vivienne Brannigan

Youthreach gives young people a fresh opportunity to make a new impression. – Nicola Galvin

We would love your feedback on what Youthreach means to you if you are a current or past student, a stakeholder or a business who provides work experience. Tweet us to @NAYCExec.