Staff Testimonials

Testimonials from our Youthreach staff members

When boys and girls leave or are asked to leave mainstream school, they feel that have failed badly. Their experience of learning has been one of trouble and hassle, both at home and in school.

When they are in Youthreach, they see the same tables and chairs and probably think “here we go again”, but the first thing I say to each individual, is that the slate is wiped clean and they start on a new pathway where mutual respect and fairness is how we operate in Youthreach.

My approach is to get to know each learner and find out their interests. Every time I engage with them throughout the day, I make sure to be positive. We all like a bit of praise and a pat on the back is a million times more effective than a kick in the ass – and is only a few inches higher! In my 40 years of teaching (28 in Youthreach), I have found soft-skills development and fairness to be a core part of Youthreach, long before it became popular. We offer QQI Level 3 and Leaving Certificate Applied Certification in the centre and it works very well.

John Brennan
Youthreach Co-ordinator
Enniscorthy Youthreach